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Web Design & Strategy

With a blend of strategy and thoughtful design, we create streamlined websites that educate, engage, and activate audiences online.

Responsive Websites

Donation Tools and CRM Integrations

Content Strategy, Video and Photography

Hosting, Security & Maintenance

Digital & Print Design

Design is essential to communicate your mission. We’re experts at turning your data into engaging pieces that motivate people into action.

Annual Reports and Policy Reports

Information Design and Data Visualization

Educational Pieces and Advertising Design

Business cards, flyers, brochures and banners

Social media design and editorial calendar

Online Marketing

At Mark of the Buffalo, we help organizations start the conversation online that increase your visibility and raise mission awareness.

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

GoogleAds and Google Business

Web + Branding + Marketing

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We specialize in packaging nonprofits, foundations and purpose-driven companies with strategic websites, digital and print design, and online marketing strategies carefully designed to drive action. Are you next?