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We help changemakers

Increase funding, build community and inspire action

Answer this…

Is your existing marketing
strategy boosting fundraising, increasing volunteerism and inspiring action?

If the answer is no, don’t panic – this is why you’re here. You’re a leader 1000% dedicated to the hard work of making a positive difference in the world. You deserve a website that is more than an online brochure.

You deserve an online marketing tool that increase funding, participation and education within your community and beyond. An easy to use platform that capitalizes on your mission and helps you and your team move forward.

Here’s how it works

Our process is simple

Step 1.


We'll have an in-depth conversation about your mission, your vision and your marketing goals.

Step 2.


We clarify your message and work on the copy that will compel your community to take action.

Step 3.


We design a kickoff strategic website that leads visitors through the buyer's journey into a sale.

Step 4.

Launch Day

Finally, the moment has arrived! We proactively monitor for any issues that may arise, as your new website propagates online.

Step 5.


In 60 minutes we train the person in your office responsible for the site on how to make edits.

Step 6.


Your plan includes 30 days of complimentary support. We also offer long-term programs to keep your site up to date.

In the end

You won’t just have
a marketing system that...

Spread your message and mission statement

Bring in new donors and new revenue

Increase support for your mission

Satisfy current donors by showcasing your success

Create strong relationships with government agencies

Reach more people with the work you do

You’ll have a platform that will jumpstart your marketing efforts and set you on the path to reaching your organization’s goals.


Got Questions?

How long is the design process?

Our process is a seamless experience from beginning to end. Web Design will take 2-3 weeks to develop, although some projects can be done quicker. Projects are contingent upon your timely communication along the way.

Do you offer hosting options?

Yes, we want to ensure your site is protected and safe. Our plan includes hosting, security, daily back-ups and maintenance. We have different levels depending on your specific needs.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer a 2-month payment with no added interest or payment plan fees. Your payment plan timeline is separate from your website launch. You can employ and benefit from your new marketing while still making payments.

Do we need to hire you for updates?

You can, and I highly recommend it. We offer affordable on-going plans catered to your needs. However, after we launch your site we’ll train you to make basic edits on your new website.

What kind of results can I expect from working together?

Amazing results depend on you. If you are putting yourself out there, targeting the right people, doing marketing work to draw traffic, and are confident in your ability to close on sales calls, then your new website will be a valuable part of your business success.

Why Mark of the Buffalo?

I love this question! In ancient times the buffalo was used for human survival. The buffalo is a symbol of abundance. Just like the buffalo, I want my work to leave a mark of abundance in your business.

Did you know?

Our clients define their website launch as a turning point

Ready to be our next success story?